About Department

The growth of robotics has been tremendously high in the recent years and the next few years are to witness stupendous advancements in robotic technology especially with the advent of Industry 4.0. Consequent to this paradigm shift in technology, Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses in Robotics & Automation has become one of the top most career choices among the aspirants. Robotics and Automation is an interdisciplinary branch which amalgamates various fields of Engineering that include Mechanical, Electronics, Computer Science, Sensors and Instrumentation, Industrial Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, Nanotechnology, Bio Engineering, Machine Vision and many more. This course enriches the takers with knowledge related to design, construction, operation, and applications of robots as well as the techniques of industrial automation

Started in 2019 at Dhaanish Ahmed College Of Engineering, B.Tech – Robotics and Automation has rapidly gained momentum owing to the increasing demand for robotics and automation engineers . The department houses several state-of-the-art labs which aim to inculcate the urge for research and innovation. The curriculum at Dace is thoughtfully curated for current industry requirement based on inputs from veterans in the relevant domains belonging to academia and industry. It equips the students in par with the industry standards and fosters an innovative attitude that leads them to become entrepreneurs. The department also has robust tie-ups with various industries and is currently collaborating with many more in order to provide a platform for the students to be exposed to latest trends in the field of robotics and automation.


To raise engineers and researchers with technical expertise on par with international standards, professional attitude and ethical values with the ability to apply acquired knowledge, to have a productive career and empower spiritually to serve humanity


To equip the students with adequate knowledge in the field of Robotics and Automation with exemplary values on a spiritual foundation.
To enhance the research initiatives in the department focusing on human problems thereby making lasting contribution to science, technology and society.