NameMr. A.Nagarajan
DesignationHead of the Department
Educational QualificationM.Tech, MBA,PGDHRM,(Ph.D)
Experience (in Years)Teaching – 12 Years
Industrial Experience – 4Years
Area of SpecializationAbsorption Studies, Water Treatment, Heat Transfer
E-Mail IDpetroleumhod@dhaanishcollege.co.in
PublicationsIJ: 2, IC: 5, NC:8, NJ:1
NameDr. Antony Bertie Morais
DesignationAssociate Professor
Educational QualificationM.Tech.,PhD
Experience (in Years)Teaching: 6.3 Years
Area of SpecializationMass Transfer- Extraction Studies, Thermodynamics
E-Mail IDantony@dhannishcollege.in
PublicationsIJ: 06, IC: 00, NC: 00
NameMs. E. Yuvanashree
DesignationAssistant Professor
Educational QualificationM.Tech.,(Ph.D)
Experience (in Years)Teaching: 7 Years
Area of SpecializationPetro Chemical Technology
E-Mail IDyuvanashree@dhaansihcollege.in
PublicationsIC:1, IJ:1,NJ:1
NameDr. K. Bogeshwaran
DesignationAssistant Professor
Educational QualificationM.Tech., Ph.D
Experience (in Years)Teaching: 10 Years
Area of SpecializationMass Transfer
E-Mail IDkbogeshwaran@dhaanishcollege.in
NameDr. G.N. Manikandan
DesignationAssistant Professor
Educational QualificationM.Tech., Ph.D
Experience (in Years)Teaching: 12 Years
Area of SpecializationChemical Engineering
E-Mail IDmanikandan.petro@dhaanishcollege.in
PublicationsIC:5 IJ:8,NC:1
NameS.U. Chandilyan
DesignationAssistant Professor
Educational QualificationM.Tech., MBA
Experience (in Years)Teaching – 7 Years
Area of SpecializationPetroleum Refining and Petro Chemicals
E-Mail IDchandilyan@dhaanishcollege.in