Council Members

Our IQAC team consists of members representing the teaching and non-teaching faculty, representatives of the management, alumni, local community and collaborating organizations. External experts are also invited by the IQAC to contribute to the effective functioning of the college

SI. NONameDesignation
1Dr. B. Sridhar, Prof & Head / ECESenior Administrative Officers
2Dr. A. Kalaimurugan, Prof / EEEInternal Member – Senior Teacher
3Ms. D.Kavitha, Asst.Prof / CSEInternal Member – Senior Teacher
4Dr.J.Sendhil, Prof & Head / PETROInternal Member – Senior Teacher
5Prof.S. Akbar Basha, Prof & Head / CivilInternal Member – Senior Teacher
6Dr.Aminur Rahman, Asso.Prof / MBAInternal Member – Senior Teacher
7Dr. A. Shanmugavel, / PhyInternal Member – Senior Teacher
8Mr.Mohammed, ManagerCampus, Manager
9Mr.P.Parthasarathy, Training head, Godrej, ChennaiSpecial Industry invite - Industrialist
10Mr.T.ThiyagarajanSpecial invitee – Parents coordinator
11Ms.VaralakshmiSpecial invitee – Parents coordinator
12Dr. R. Senthilkumar, Prof & Head / MechNAAC - Coordinator
1315 Mr.G Ramesh , Asso.Prof /MechIQAC - Coordinator
14Mr.Mohamed SadiqIV – Civil Student member
15Mr.J.AfreenIV – CSE Student member
16Mr.M.J.Abdul BasithIV – EEE Student member
17Mr.R.Mohammed IftiqarIV – ECE Student member
18Mr.M.Rahul PrasadIV – MECH Student member
19G.Mohamed Maajith SohailIV – PETRO Student member