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Placement Record 2017

S.NO.Name of the CompanyLocationDate DepartmentSalary Package (Per Annum)Total No. of Placed students
1M/s Mc     Chennai20.08.2016 BE – CSE, ECE & EEE3.0 L10
2M/s Indian Navy     Chennai10.09.2016 BE – CSE, ECE & EEE4.5 LWaiting
3M/s Voluntee     Chennai18.09.2016 BE – CSE, ECE & EEE3.2 L0
4M/s Samina     Chennai14.10.2016 BE – CSE, ECE & EEE2.8 L1
5M/s Urjanet     Chennai17.07.2016 BE – CSE, ECE & EEE4.5 L0
6M/s Samina     Chennai04.11.2016 BE – CSE, ECE & EEE3.0 L0
7M/s Embed UR     Chennai09.1.2017 BE – CSE, ECE & EEE3.4 L0
8M/s Sutherland     Chennai24.1.2017 BE – CSE, ECE & EEE2.5 L35
9M/s CSS Corp     Chennai02.02.2017 BE – CSE, ECE & EEE4.5 L6
10M/s RGBSI     Bangalore11.02.2017 BE – CSE, ECE & EEE4.8 LWaiting
11M/s Pothigai Power Solution     Chennai16.02.2017 BE – CSE, ECE & EEE3.8 LWaiting
12M/s ISRO Govt Of India     Chennai07.05.2017 BE – CSE, ECE & EEE0.0 LWaiting
13M/s Rivigo Services Pvt.Ltd     Chennai22.02.2017 BE – CSE, ECE & EEE3.0 LWaiting
14M/s GBOX     Chennai22.02.2017 BE – CSE, ECE & EEE3 to 10 LWaiting
15M/s SYSVEDA Information Technology     Chennai27.02.2017 BE – CSE & ECE2.0 LWaiting
16M/s GENPACT     Chennai03.03.2017 BE – CSE & ECE2.0 L2
17M/s VERTEX     Chennai03.03.2017 BE – CSE & ECE2.0 LWaiting
18M/s Surya Informatics     Chennai08.03.2017 BE – CSE, ECE & EEE1.8 to 2 L6
19M/s AXIS GLOBAL AUTOMAION     Chennai08.03.2017 BE – CSE, ECE & EEE8 to 15 LWaiting
20M/s NCR CROP     Chennai21.03.2017 BE – MECH10 KWaiting